The lens of design is what distinguishes this kit from the many excellent resources that already exist for diversity and inclusion. When designing, we ask questions, define problems, and explore a range of solutions. We work alone and collaborate with others and iterate as we go. Often we don’t know exactly where we’re going and feel uncomfortable as we head into the unknown, but with persistence and attention to craft, design emerges. This kit suggests a similar practice when building a more diverse and inclusive culture.

The material is organized in three parts. While each section can be used on its own, ideally the kit is experienced as a progression, a sort of journey that begins with self-exploration (Solo Exercises), then moves into team activities (Team Workshop), and ends with putting new discoveries into action (Onward). While the kit can be used by individuals, it also includes a Keynote template and notes for facilitators when tackling as a team.

This is the first kit developed by 3D, which stands for Diverse Dropbox Design, an initiative founded in 2018. Like the origins of 3D, at the heart of this kit are personal experiences. So in addition to exercises, the kit includes essays and quotes by Dropbox Design leaders, practitioners, and other partners, offering a range of voices and perspectives.


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