Speaking Engagements


  • Design for Business Impact

    “Design for Business Impact” is a design leadership event series featuring case studies to help leaders better understand and demonstrate the business impact of design. Join us in this movement to realize the potential of design as a strategic business partner. Dropbox is proud to host Designer Fund in SF, NYC, and beyond.

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    Awwwards hosts conferences in iconic cities across the globe including New York, Amsterdam, Paris, London and Los Angeles, to discover trends and new technologies, network and unveil the secrets of the Internet. This year Jennifer Brook, Staff Design Researcher, will be speaking about using strategies to navigating tensions in work and life.

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    Dropbox is proud to support the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Our support will go towards enabling public programming that brings 60,000 students to the museum each year. This year we will bring a little creative magic to Art Bash with an installation called 'Everyday Extraordinary.' Visit us in the museum cafe to see the magic for yourself.

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  • Full Time You

    Dropbox Design is partnering with Meg Lewis to bring Full Time You workshops to San Francisco, New York, and Seattle. Meg's workshops help creatives uncover their core values and channel them into their purpose in life and work. Big, important stuff!

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  • Inneract Project

    Design Hour is a new Inneract Project event series of small gatherings and discussions covering a variety of topics; diversity and inclusion, education, art, culture, music, sports and how they all intersect with design. Design Hour in meant to provide attendees with an opportunity to engage with speakers, asking questions and participating in dialogue around the things they care about.

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  • In/Visible Talks

    The boundaries of design are constantly evolving. In 20/20, we’ve asked our speakers to GO BEYOND the expected perspectives, guardrails, materials, and thinking of the creative practice. Join us on January 16, 2020 to hear Dropbox's perspective on what it means to go beyond.

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