Speaking up can be a really difficult thing to do. Many of us have been conditioned to take a seat, to raise our hands, to ask for permission to speak. The Permission to Speak Workshop will help you break through the silence and find your voice.

This isn’t a workshop about building a glossy façade or spit-shining your personal brand. It’s about digging up the truth of who you really are and then using that truth to unleash the power of your voice.

About the speaker

As one of the editorial gurus on the Dropbox Brand Studio team, LaDonna helps create and facilitate the best and most powerful expression of the Dropbox voice in all its forms. Along her personal journey to own her voice, LaDonna has been a journalist, copywriter, copy director, and poet. She currently lives by Ocean Beach in San Francisco, California, with her husband, daughter, dog, bird, and fish.

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